Facebook Live GAME

Spin the Wheel 

Earn the chance to Grab Free Items  will win at least $10 value or higher! 



Each Week we will Chance Up the Colors of Bubble Gum Balls.

 Color of Week Ball you earn Double Prize. Earn Turn is $25 


$30 Pick!

Pick your chance to win: 2 Siser Products , 1 Apparel/Acrylic , & a spin to win !!! Will win at least a $30 value or higher!


Pick the Shelf!

There will be 3 to pick from! 2 you are guaranteed to win at least $100 worth of product! BUT 1 lucky one will have a much higher VALUE!!!!! You can trade anything that comes on the $100 card at the beginning of your turn as long as its the same value! (1 time trade) FREE SHIPPING as well!! **50% off codes cannot be applied to this Item** 


Pick your Cupcake 

to see what unlimited prizes you get!


Each cupcake could not limited to include 2-3 Glitter Sheets, 2-3 Easyweed Sheets,2-4 5ft roll of Siser EasyPSV or Oracal 651, A game, and Pack Presents! Will win at least a $70 value or more!!





Q: If I Order during a live video, will I be opened Live on that current video?
A: All Live Openings go in chronological order by order number. We cannot guarantee that if you place an order, that you will have your order opened the SAME day. 

Q: How long does shipping take to receive my order once opened Live? 
A: Shipping takes on average 2-5 days after opening your order Live. *International orders can take longer depending on country and Customs Processes. We can not guarantee ship time after it has left USA.** 

Q: Do you offer refunds on an order I placed?
A: We do not offer refunds. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee SAME DAY Live Opening. We will Open all orders Live in a Chronological Order number fashion. *If you have any issues with an order you received, please reach out to us!*

Q: I keep commenting on the Facebook Feed, but no one is answering me? 
A: Facebook Live can filter comments, which can make it very difficult for the admin or the consultant to see your comments. Often times, if you add an Emoji in your comment, it will show! If you feel that you are being "filtered" by Facebook and you have a pressing question/concern, message our Page and an Admin will respond and work through it with you! We will never intentionally ignore our viewers!