12x14 Printed Pattern Design HTV with transfer mask included (lily,anchors,polka dots,Flag,Candy Canes,Argyle,Berries Autism)

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One 12" x 14" sheet of Printed Pattern HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl).

 Pink & White Polka Dots

Blue & White Small Polka Dots

Brown & Orange Small Polka Dots

Red & Pink Polka Dots

Red& White Small Polka Dots 

Autism Puzzle Print

Roses and Berries

Tattered US Flag 

Red & Pink Hearts

Red with Pink & White Hearts

Candy Canes

Christmas Argyle

Anchors & Wheels

Aztec Watercolors

Blurred Mermaid Scales

Dirty Baseball

Lily Inspired Roses

Mermaid Scales Print

Multii Color Triangles

more coming...........

Our custom printed pattern HTV is printed on Siser ColorPrint™ PU Matte. It has a matte finish and is soft to the touch.

Designs are printed on the front of this material, therefore you also cut with the design facing up and DO NOT MIRROR your design. We also recommend using a squeegee to apply the mask evenly and firmly.

We give  the transfer mask as it  for applying and transferring your design to your garment after weeding. 


  • Application:
    • Cut your design. DO NOT MIRROR.
    • Weed excess material
    • Mask with TTD Easy or TTD High Tack Mask
    • Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
    • Apply design at 295°F/146°C
    • Use medium pressure for 15 seconds
    • Peel carrier hot
  • Care Instructions: Do not dry clean; Machine wash cold / mild detergent; Dry at normal setting; No chlorine bleach; Wait 24 hours before first wash
  • Certification: CPSIA Certified
  • Specifications: PU composition; Polyester Backing; Matte finish; 70 Microns / 2.8 Mils; 45°/60° blade
  • Applies To: 100% cotton; 100% polyester; Poly/cotton blends; Leather: Lycra®/spandex