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Pick Me Game Facebook Live Show

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Pick your chance to win: 2  Products , 1 or Acrylic & a spin to win !!! Will win at least a $30 value or higher!


Q: How far in advance can I pre-order for a show? 
A: You can PRE ORDER for a show in advance as far out as you prefer! If you put in the Notes section what date,you are pre ordering for, we will move your order into Pending until that time! 

Q: If I pre-order for show, will I be at the top of the Line Up Call for that night's show? 
A: All Line Ups will go in Chronological order. If you Pre Order in advance, your order number will be smaller than the order # from someone who purchased later in the week after you. You have a higher chance of being at the very top of the Line Up the earlier in advance you order. 

Q: How long does shipping take to receive my order once opened Live? 
A: Shipping takes on average 2-5 days after opening your order Live. you can upgrade to UPS ground or USPS Express if you like a Faster shipping time. 

*International orders can take longer depending on country and Customs Processes. We can not guarantee ship time after it has left USA.** 

Q: Do you offer refunds on an order I placed?
A: We do not offer refunds. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee SAME DAY Live Opening. We will Open all orders Live in a Chronological Order number fashion. *If you have any issues with an order you received, please reach out to us!*