Siser Easy PSV (Pressure Sensitive Vinyl) Permanent Adhesive Vinyl 6x6 Bundle - Kraftyville

Siser Easy PSV (Pressure Sensitive Vinyl) Permanent Adhesive Vinyl 6x6 Bundle

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Siser Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

Kraftyville Pack includes 39 Colors of 41 EasyPSV Permanent Adhesive Vinyl  size is 6"x6" sheets includes Free First Class Mailing. 

Includes Below:

White Cloud
Silver Dollar
Black Cat
Holly Berry
Orange Soda
Cream & Sugar
Canary Yellow 
Alligator Green
Bright Green
Turtle Green
Fresh Mint
Soft Blue
Twilight Navy
Royal Purple
Coral Reef
Cherry Blossom Pink
Carnation Pink
Tropical Pink 
Blue Grid - Clear Medium Tack Transfer Tape with Release Liner 

Red Grid - Paper High Tack Transfer Tape with Release Liner

Siser Easy PSV (Pressure Sensitive Vinyl) Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - 6"x6"sheets 

Make decals with new Siser Adhesive Vinyl.

Announcing Siser PSV Pressure Sensitive vinyl, the new go-to adhesive vinyl for creating decals that can decorate almost any hard-surface. The name brand you know and trust is staying true to Siser® style by keeping things EASY. Apply your designs to glass, wood, plastic and so much more when you use EasyPSV! This sticky vinyl adheres quickly so your creativity is never hindered, for signage graphics, stickers, and custom decoration of virtually any surface, including electronics, home appliances, and so much more! Additionally, EasyPSV’s ideal thickness makes it simple to cut, weed, and apply with wide format and craft cutters of all kinds.

Product Specs:

    • 3 mils/ 76.2 microns
    • 3-5 year durability
    • Gloss finish
    • 41 incredible colors (not included is Glow & Etch) 
    • Permanent Adhesive

This outdoor-rated EasyPSV™ comes equipped with a permanent adhesive that’s strong enough to survive weather & UV conditions. Add your custom monogram to a mug, journal cover, or even your bicycle to show off your personal flair for years to come.