Summer Picnic Basket

Summer Picnic Basket

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 Vinyl Summer Picnic Basket

You will receive 1 sheet of each Siser Easyweed Color listed below.  Mystery Pack you will only receive 1 color from each color scheme.

12x15 in Siser Easyweed

12x14/18 Custom Plaid Buffalo 

Picnic 1:

 1 sheet of Printable  Plaid Buffalo  Htv  (Red or Blue ) 

1 sheet of Green, Red, Black,White,Blue,Lemon

1 Mystery Item


Picnic 2:

 1 sheet Plaid Buffalo  Printable Htv  (Red or Blue ) 

1 sheet of Green Apple ,bright Red,Charcoal ,Silver ,Sky Blue ,Pineapple 

 1 mystery item



Yellow*: Pale Pale,Yellow,Sun,Lemon 

Red/Pink*: Bright red,Red,Passion Pink,Bubble Gum,Pink

Blue*: Navy,Royal,Pale Blue

Green*: Green,Dark Green, Green Apple

Black*: Black,Charcoal,Gray

White*: White, Silver 

Plaid Printable HTV*: Red,Black,Green,Blue,White  

1 mystery item

* will receive one sheet  of each from each shade of color.*

If you order Multiple Mystery Shade Packs we will *TRY TO*  make sure you get different colors in the packs.